Garden Games

  1. Croquet

    A perfect way for your guests to relax and enjoy each others company with a touch of friendly competitive banter! Learn More
  2. Boules

    This is a traditional game in which the objective is to roll heavy balls as close as possible to a small target ball. Learn More
  3. Giant Jenga

    This giant Jenga is perfect for all family and friends to play in the garden. It consists of 58 pine blocks that are systematically removed from lower levels and added to the top. The higher you go the wobblier it gets, until the inevitable happens, what goes up must come down. These blocks have gaps between them that make is easier for younger children to play. Learn More
  4. Limbo

    How low can you go? This is a fun party game for all the guests to try and go as low as possible by leaning backwards under the pole. Learn More
  5. Special Offer: All Four Garden Games

    Set the tone of your party with our very special offer of all four garden games for a very special price. Learn More